London Data Science Jobs

London Data Science Jobs

In order to make this post as useful as possible we will divide it into several sections. These sections are as follows:

i) Current prospects for data scientist jobs in London

ii) Salaries for data scientist jobs in London.

iii) Future prospects for data scientist jobs in London.

Current prospects in London: 

According to the The Royal Society from an article back in May 2019 it states that due to the growing demand of data science means that Britain could potentially be vulnerable to skills shortages. See the article below:

Businesses are increasingly using data analytics to improve decision making as it is how they get a better understanding of their customers or identifying product trends. Given these facts the current prospects for data science jobs in London (and the UK) are very good.

Examples of recent jobs posted in London (as of August 2021)

Salaries in London

The salaries for data scientists in London are competitive. During the 6 months to 28th July 2021 there has been an increase in salaries. See the stats below from IT Jobs Watch in the UK..

According to recent stats the average data scientist salary in London is £61,185. This is 9.7% more then the average national salary for data scientist jobs. The average London Data scientist salary is 36.9% more then the average salary across London.

Future Prospects: 

As a data scientist your job is to collect, extract and analyse large amounts of raw data from a variety of sources such as surveys, analytics or cookies on websites. Then using machine learning, AI and statistical tools the data scientist looks for patterns and deeper understanding. The results will help business in making predictions and find solutions.

Given the massive amount of data the need for data scientists will increase in the years ahead. In London for example data science vacancies have gone up 0,2% year on year. Currently (as of July 2021) there are 4,954 data science jobs in London.

London Data Science Jobs
London data Science Jobs



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