Data Scientist Jobs Manchester

Data Scientist Jobs Manchester

Data Scientist Jobs Manchester

Data Scientist jobs Manchester – Given that Manchester is a major city in the UK there a fair number of data science roles in the CIty of Manchester. Also given that the number of data science jobs and related jobs such as those in machine learning, big data, data analytics etc are all increasing in number in the UK and around the world anyway the future for data scientist jobs in Manchester is good.

According to the jobsite Adzuna there were 328 data science jobs in Manchester as of July 2021. The number of vacancies  in Manchester have gone up 7.2% year-on-year. If you include the number of machine learning, Data Management, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data, Statistics and then this number of vacancies will obviously increase significantly.

A few facts and figures below:

i) The average salary for data scientists in Manchester was £50,134 (figures from July 2021). This figure is 10.1% less than the average national salary for Data scientist jobs.

ii) The average Manchester Data scientist salary is 37.5% more than the average salary across Manchester.

iii) Average salaries for Data science jobs in Manchester have gone up 7.2% year-on-year, compared to a change of 1.0% for all jobs in Manchester and 1.5% for Data scientist jobs nationwide.

Examples of 5 companies hiring for data scientists in Manchester include:

i) The Hut Group


iii) Accenture

iv) Jacobs

v) IHS Markit

Examples of recent jobs advertised in Manchester:


The highest paying areas for Data Science jobs in Manchester are:

i) Cheshire with an average salary of £53, 843. This figure represents a 19.2% year on year salary change

ii) Greater Manchester with an average salary of £46, 330. This figure represents an 8%year on year salary change.

iii) Manchester with an average salary of £45,900. This figure represents a 7.2 % year on year salary change.

A word about remote working: Obviously with the recent Covid pandemic which hit the world hard, a lot of people are interested with some degree of remote working. Fortunately data scientists are one of the job roles that due to the nature of what the role involves i.e analyzing data  hence can be done from home to some degree. Many data science jobs will allow flexible working.

In summary the trends for data scientist roles in Manchester look positive both in terms of the number of vacancies and the salaries.

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data scientist jobs





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