About us

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DataScienceCareer: A Data science Careers portal created by Data Scientists for Data Scientists.

The role of a Data Scientist has gone far beyond the traditional coding which is stereotypically synonymous with data. Now in 2019 due to this rapid growth in the field so have the variety of roles and responsibilities within the field.

Datasciencecareer is not your ordinary job board or vacancy list. This is a niche, tailored website for data scientists looking for their perfect data science job in the UK. We are here for professionals looking for careers in Data Science, Data Management, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data, Statistics and AI.

At datasciencecareer we aim to connect candidates at all levels to rewarding careers within the exciting field of data science.
If you have any questions, requests or anything else please don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail at: info@datasciencecareer.co.uk.