Data Scientist Jobs Birmingham

Data Scientist Jobs Birmingham

Data Scientist jobs Birmingham

In the UK and around the world the increase in the amount of data in existence means that the number of jobs for data scientists is increasing. There is a shortage of people to do such jobs so the demand remains good and the salaries relatively high.

Birmingham is a major City in the UK, there there are quite a few jobs in this region.

Below are some facts and statistics regarding data scientist jobs in Birmingham.

  1. Data scientist vacancies in Birmingham have gone up 29.7% year on year. As of the present time there are 105 Data Science jobs in Birmingham.
  2. Average salaries for data science jobs in Birmingham have gone up over 29% year on year compared to a change of just over 1% for all jobs in Birmingham.
  3. In Birmingham the average salary for a data scientist is £51, 372. This figure is 7.9% less then the average national salary for data scientist jobs.

Examples of recent jobs in Birmingham (as of August 2021)

A variety of fields hire data scientists these include the finance industry and IT. For instance the financial industry which includes banks, investment firms, insurance firms uses data science to calculate risk

Below is an interesting article which details how one can be a data scientist in the UK.

What skills are useful for data scientists.

Data scientist skills that are well sought after range from communication and presentation abilities to analytical and problem solving skills. One should have a good attention to detail and listening skills in order to understand the job brief. Also experience with particular analysis tools such as SQL, Hadoop, and SAS. Being able to motivate oneself, work independently as well as part of a team.

Can one work as a data scientist remotely.

Yes If you have access to the equipment and software

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