Data Science Jobs in Manchester

Data Science Jobs in Manchester

Data Science Jobs Manchester. 

Manchester is a modern cosmopolitan City. Below are some pros and cons of living in Manchester. Accommodation is a pro. Whether one prefers modern City living or a comfy family home in the suburbs you will find a range of accommodation in Manchester. In terms of job opportunities there are a range of job opportunities, however salaries are lower when comparing to a City such as London. There are excellent public transport networks. In addition there is a very good nightlife and music scene.

In terms of data science jobs lets have a look at the stats and see what Manchester has to offer. The average Data scientist salary in Manchester is £54,294. The average Manchester Data scientist salary is 48.2% more than the average salary across Manchester. So this is clearly positive. Another positive aspect regarding the data science job market in Manchester is that Data scientist vacancies in Manchester have gone up 10.0% year-on-year. Below are examples of data scientist jobs in Manchester.–WjDJumlpLsuQExkikfXYHRYNzfiA3Ho5VNDJuJ2QoL_LKzmcomoU68MCC_AXckQsma26NBIOEEVObjxMRJFUMek-w&ccuid=40821152524

Data Science is an excellent career choice for those that show an aptitude. As the amount of data in the world increases so is the need for appropriately qualified individuals to analyse this data.

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