Data Science Jobs Cambridge

Data Science Jobs Cambridge

Data Science Jobs Cambridge.

Cambridge has many aspects going for it when considering a place to live. Some key points are:

  • It is a beautiful City. It is an architecturally attractive place with beautiful stone buildings. Cambridge has a decent range of shops, pubs, restaurants arts and culture. There are also plenty of villages nearby, whenever you want to go to the countryside.
  • It conveniently located, and is only 45 minutes by train to Central London.
  • It is home to a variety of smart, interesting people.
  • The one downside is that it property is pretty expensive to buy in Cambridge.

Data Science jobs Cambridge

The number of data science jobs have increased in recent years as the amount of data has increased. Data is very valuable to organisations as it gives them a competitive advantage. Qualified professionals called data scientists are needed in order to analyse this data.

There are a variety of data science jobs in Cambridge. Here are a few stats and the types of jobs in this City. The average data scientist salary in Cambridge is £50, 213. This average salary for data scientist jobs is 30.1% above the average salary for all jobs in Cambridge which is £38,586. Below are examples of jobs in the Cambridge area.

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