Data Science Employer Listing

Data Science Employer Listing 

Data Science Jobs in London 

The amount of data of data in the world is increasing at a fast rate, and this rate will only increase more and more. Given that there is so much data means that data professionals are needed by organizations in order to manipulate and analyze this data so that it gives them a competitive edge in the market place. There is a phrase which is frequently coined and this is that data is the new gold. There are a range of professionals that are employed within data, they are broadly speaking within the following areas: Data Science, Data Management, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data, Statistics and AI.

Data Science Jobs London: 

Below we will mention what tasks some of these data professionals do within organizations:

What do data scientists do? 

As mentioned above data scientists are employed by organizations in order to give them a competitive edge. Specific tasks (amongst others) include:

  • Seeing the data analytics problems that offer the greatest opportunities to the organization.
  • Collecting large sets of data from different sources.
  • Analyzing data in order to identify patterns and trends.

Right now the marketing for data scientists in London is very buoyant and this trend will increase. It is a well paid profession with high prestige. Below are some data science jobs that have recently been advertised in London.

What do Machine learning professionals do?

Machine learning professionals essentially create systems so that computers can learn and make predictions on their own. This includes things such as facial recognition software, speech recognition etc. The type of projects that one will do depend on the type of company that you join. In general a machine learning professional will be expected to do the following below (as well as other tasks)

  • Develop code for multiple applications
  • Maintain and create data pipelines
  • Build real time machine learning applications for customization purposes.
  • Work within an Agile team.

Machine Learning Engineers are well paid and it is a respectable profession. Below are recent jobs advertised for machine learning professionals in London.

Data Science Employer Listing

What do Statisticians and AI professionals do?

A statistician develops and applies statistical analysis to obtain and summarize useful information to help solve real world problems. They collect and analyze, the data collected helps companies or clients predict potential trends that can be useful in making business decisions.

Below are some examples of recently advertised positions for Statisticians:

Ultimately the goal of an AI scientist is to incorporate machine learning and AI in order to analyze lot’s of data in order to help organizations solve business problems. Below are some recently advertised jobs in AI.


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