Jobs for Data Scientists

Jobs for data Scientists

This post is related to data scientist jobs, in particular data science jobs in the UK, with some emphasis to jobs around the world as well. Data science is an in demand, well paid and exciting area to work in. With the advent of the increase in the amount of data this has led to an increase in the number of vacancies for data scientists in the the UK and around the world.

In this post we will consider what data science actually is, what data scientists do, how to become a data scientist and the types of jobs that are available and the career prospects for data scientists.


What is a data science?

Essentially data gives us information and this information can carry meaning such as telling us what some likes etc. However, data is meaningless unless we do something with it. This is where data science comes in. Data science enables us to take data and turn it into meaningful information that helps us make decisions. No matter what your interests are or what work you do data science is applicable as there is data on everything. As we previously remarked the amount of data in the world is increasing.

Jobs for data scientists

What do data scientists do?

Data Scientists work within organizations as a part of specific teams using data to help such organizations achieve their goals, Data scientists may work within strategy, decision making etc. Hence the role of a data scientist may appear different depending on what company you are working for and the type of area you are working within.

What skill set would a data scientist need?

In terms of skills a data scientist would need to have the following: Some coding skills, skill within statistics and knowledge within the type of business that they intend to work in. Other skills that are broadly needed by all data scientists include the following, and it would be useful for one to develop their skill set in these areas:

  • Programming, in particular Python, R and SQL.
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Happy to understand in depth the specific field in data that one wants to go into.

How do you become a data scientist? 

There are different routes in order to become a data scientist and we shall explore these below:

Educational requirements – A lot of advertised roles for data scientists may require a degree in a technical subject. However, what employers are most concerned about is one’s skill set. So if your academic record is somewhat lacking this can be offset if you have a great project portfolio that demonstrates your advanced skills and quality experience doing relevant data science work. As previously pointed out developing a skill set and learning Python, R and SQL are definitely going to help you. To this end data science career has partnered with Datacamp. Datacamp is a provider of a number of data science courses that have been taken by millions of learners across the world. Learners range from individual budding data scientists to 80% of fortune 1000 companies who use datacamp to upskill their teams..

See some of courses here below:

Other platforms such as Code Academy also have relevant courses:

Types Of Data Scientist jobs:

As previously remarked a career as a data scientist can be rewarding both financially and professionally and the career prospects are very good. Below are examples of some roles in data science in the UK.

For employers:

If you are an employer and want to advertise a job on our platform please do so here. By posting on you will have access to a huge community of data professionals within the UK.



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