AI Job Opportunities

AI Job Opportunities

Data Science Jobs Leeds

In society at the present time there is a massive amount of data in circulation. The amount of data has been increasing year on year. Consequently given the massive increase in data, professionals are needed in order to quantify and analyse this data.

Data is very valuable to companies in the modern world as it can potentially give them a competitive advantage. It can give them an advantage in the sense that it one is able to analyse for example buying trends, more goods and services can be sold.


AI Job Opportunities

Data Science Jobs Leeds.

If you look at the UK as a whole over the last few years there is an increase in jobs. The increase in data science jobs is in all regions of the UK. Now let’s analyse Leeds.

Leeds is a City in the North of England. It is considered to be the cultural and shopping capital of the North by many. Leeds is a nice place to live, study and work. It is the home to cool vintage shops, cute cafes, jazz bars, cocktail bars etc.

Now lets consider the data science space in Leeds. The current average salary for a data scientist in Leeds is £50,073. This is 11.4% less then the national average salary for data scientist jobs. Types of jobs in Leeds:

In addition the number of data scientist vacancies in Leeds has gone up 1.5% year on year. And average salaries for data scientists have gone up 1.5% year on year. In general this is a trend that mirrors the rest of the UK.

So to summarize if you are that way inclined data science is a great career to get into with good prospects, rate of pay etc. Within this sector there are now increased opportunities.


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AI Job Opportunities
AI Job Opportunities



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