Data Science Jobs Cardiff

Data Science Jobs Cardiff

Data Science jobs Cardiff. 

Cardiff is the Capital City of Wales. Cardiff is a lively and friendly City and there is a lot going on. For example it caters for those looking for culture, outdoor activities, shopping or a great nightlife. The City has an added bonus in the fact that almost everything is within walking distance.

There has been an obvious increase in the number of devices in use and an overall increase in the amount of data in the world today. This data is very valuable and is sometimes referred to as the new gold. Organisations are able to use this data and gain a competitive advantage over other firms who do not use this data. Highly paid professionals termed data scientists are employed by these firms in order to analyse this data. There has been a big increase in the demand of such professionals year on year and this trend will continue.

Data Science jobs Cardiff

Data Scientist jobs in Cardiff. 

So what are the job opportunities like for data scientists within Cardiff? Let us analyse the stats. So as of 2022 the average data science salary is £51,271. The average salary of a data scientist in Cardiff is 50% more then then the average across Cardiff.

Below are some examples of job vacancies within Cardiff for data scientists.

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