Data Science Career Opportunity

Data Science Career Opportunity

There are an increasing number of roles now available within data science in the UK (and around the world). As the amount of data has increased also has the need to increase the number of qualified professionals to analyse this data.

data science career opportunity
data science jobs



Data Science Career Opportunity

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Being a data scientist is a good career option. Given the massive amount of data in the world today the need for data professionals is only ever going to increase. Data science is attractive in terms of salaries, as one needs to be well qualified. Generally speaking data scientists are degree educated in a numerate subject such as computer science, mathematics, physics etc. Many also have postgraduate qualifications such as Master’s degrees or PHD’s. Although many potential data scientists are degree holders it is not always necessary to have a degree. If an individual can show a future employer something like a portfolio of data projects this can sometimes suffice.

There are many perks in having a job within the world of data science. We have mentioned that it is a profession that commands high salaries. In addition given the nature of the job there is a degree of flexibility as to how one works. For example a lot of data scientists can in part work remotely, some roles are even 100% remote. Hence there is potentially a lot of flexibility.

In conclusion data science is a profession that is well worth considering if you are a numerate individual who enjoys grappling with data.


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