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  • Sector  Data Science

Job Description

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Oracle’s Software Assurance organization has the mission to make application security and software assurance, at scale, a reality. We are an inclusive and diverse team of high caliber data science and ML application researchers and engineers, distributed globally, who thrive on new challenges. We are seeking an experienced Machine Learning Engineer or Data Scientist with technical expertise in Recommender Systems, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Computer Vision, to join our growing team of multidisciplinary data science and ML experts. As a Senior Data Scientist, you will work closely with the technical and research teams on innovative, strategic projects including advanced applications of ML for the organization. This role is responsible for working on innovative projects for the team, collaborating with other experienced professionals, communication with both internal and external stakeholder leadership teams, and must demonstrate critical thinking abilities, outstanding communication skills, project management experience and the ability to lead and collaborate with other experienced technical professionals.

What we offer

  • Being part of one of the most strategic departments of Oracle, cooperating with an international team of data science and ML experts with diverse backgrounds worldwide
  • Opportunities for career growth and technical leadership
  • Exposure to cutting edge applications of AI/ML and the opportunity to work with research teams on innovative solutions
  • Evaluating and understanding large production deep learning systems composed of dozens of models
  • Developing novel metrics that provide analytical insights to non-technical stakeholders into how well these kinds of systems are operating.

Career Level – IC3

Required skills

  • BS in Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, or related technical fields
  • At least 5 years of hands-on experience (may include graduate studies in computer science or related technical fields) with increasing scope in developing and implementing ML solutions
  • Thorough understanding of CS fundamentals including data structures, algorithms, and complexity analysis
  • Strong software development experience through hands on coding
  • Detailed knowledge of modern deep learning concepts, including but not limited to Generative AI (GenAI) models, FCN, CNN, RNN, Autoencoders, Transformers, and Large Language Models (LLM)
  • Familiarity with version control practices (Git), containers, MLOps
  • Experience with at least one cloud platform
  • Experience in formulating analytical problems into actionable research and applying advanced machine learning techniques for problem solving
  • Good communication skills to convey sophisticated topics in straightforward terms to stakeholders (internal or external)
  • A drive to solve hard problems at scale
  • Experience in technical writing, project documentation, and/or technical publications

Preferred Skills

  • MS/PhD in Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, or related technical fields
  • Familiarity with Learning to Rank models, recommender systems, especially deep learning-based recommender systems, computer vision models, Generative AI models
  • Familiarity with serverless architecture, ML model hosting strategies, and model testing techniques


  • The position will require approximately 50% travel to Reading UK

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