New Data Science Jobs

New Data Science Jobs

What does a Big Data Analyst do

A big data analyst is someone who specializes in the analysis and presentation of large and complex data sets – this would include the identification, collection, and analysis of big data for the purpose of improving decision making and hence gaining a competitive advantage in the market. From a functional perspective a big data analyst is no different then a data analyst. The difference is the scope of data, types of data and tools used in analysis.

Data Science Jobs.

How to become a Big Data Analyst

In order to become a big data analyst there are three options that you can consider:

  • University. You can go to university. A degree in maths (linear algebra, calculus, matrix calculation), statistics, computer science, information management, finance or economics is usually needed. These subjects place a heavy emphasis on statistical and analytical skills which will give you a good grounding
  • Self Taught. If you do not want to go down the university route you can be self taught. There are no shortage of courses out there today and many feel that you can become self taught in almost anything nowadays especially in more technical fields such as programming or data science. Places like Coursera or EdX have great courses you that you can use to start learning today.
  • Bootcamp. Lastly, you may consider going down the Bootcamp route. If you are looking to learn practical, real world skills you may look at this option. Boot camps are becoming more and more accepted nowadays. You can get online bootcamps now as well as in person boot camps which are mentor led which are typically 8 weeks long (full time). Topics such as  statistical modeling, data mining techniques, database warehousing, data modeling, charting, communication and presentation are covered and the goal would be to set the graduate with a job once they graduate.

Some Personal Requirements:

Some personal requirements are as follows:

  • You should have the ability to think logically and also analytically in a problem solving environment.
  • Imaginative skills in creative reasoning
  • Should be able to work independently or as part of a team.
  • Should possess good oral and written communication skills.
  • Willing to gain knowledge and update skills.

Duties and Tasks

Duties and Tasks are as follows

  • Big Data Analysts do research on how the data is used and look at ways to improve its use and efficiency
  • To review and develop collection systems, processes, and reporting
  • To write reports describing findings, sometimes for publication
  • Translating and extrapolate data
  • They make cross-reference and draw inferences from large, multiple data sets
  • Finally, they present the data and findings for a range of audiences.

Working environment for a Big Data Analyst

The job requires spending a lot of hours in front of the computer. It requires strong communication skills to handle emails and teamwork.

Employment Opportunities for a Big Data Analyst

Big data analysts work in a range of occupational environments. They work across a variety of industries, sometimes on a freelance basis. The salaries for a big data analyst can be quite good too. You can see the average salary of a big data analyst in he UK attached

And in the US according to Zip recruiter the average salaries are as follows:

Big Data Analyst Salary

The future for Big Data Analyst professionals is bright as the demand will increase and salaries will remain high.

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data science jobs
data science jobs



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