Best Machine Learning Jobs

Best Machine Learning Jobs

Machine learning Engineer UK

The amount of data in the world is increasing. This means that more professionals are needed to interpret and analyze this data. A machine learning engineer essentially uses the data that they have in order to make predictions. Machine learning engineers can create systems so that computers can learn and make predictions on their own. This includes things such as facial recognition software, speech recognition etc. In terms of actual responsibilities machine learning engineers will do the following:

  • Build real time machine learning applications in order to help an organization address its particular needs.
  • Collaborate with others in a team, especially alongside data scientists and researchers, software engineers, product managers.
  • Seek out opportunities to improve processes and systems.
  • Develop highly scalable code for multiple applications.
  • Data Science
    data scientist jobs

Skills required. Candidates would normally need to have a degree in one of the following subjects: mathematics, computer science, statistics or something related. For more specialized areas further advanced degrees maybe required. In addition machine learning engineer skills include some of the detailed, technical skills required to program and train models. Below are the range of skills that you will be required to have:

  • Python programming skills
  • Write algorithms that can search, sort and optimize, query data sets, develop and test hypothesis, evaluate models, understand regression models
  • A good coder who is able to write machine learning algorithms and be able to work with data structures.

In the UK as of January 2022 the opportunities for machine learning professionals are very good indeed. Although many jobs are located in the Capital, London there has been an increase in the number of jobs throughout the country. The increase in the number of jobs caters for all levels of machine learning professionals, from graduate to highly specialized roles. The salaries for machine learning professionals are also high.

Below are a selection of jobs in the UK for Machine learning professionals as of December 2021.




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