Data science jobs in London

Data Science jobs in London 

Data Science jobs in London

There are good prospects for data scientist professionals in the UK, especially in London with London being the Capital city. The amount of data in the last few years has gone up substantially. Due to the fact that the amount of data has gone up substantially means that the need for professionals to manage and analyze this data has also increased. In the future the amount of data is predicted to go up substantially, hence the number of professionals required will also rise.

Data Science
data scientist jobs

Data science is a well paid profession in London with a variety of jobs available in the sector within a wide variety of organizations. Organizations require data scientists as we previously stated that there is an increase in the amount of data and professionals that have the ability to manipulate and analyze data are in great demand. The reason why such professionals are in great demand within organizations is because the effective analysis of data  gives organizations a distinct business advantage.

Below are examples of recently posted jobs in London – as of November 2021

According to the job website Glassdoor the average base salary for a data scientist in London is £52,052. On the low end of the scale (within London) the salary was £35,000 and on the higher end the salary was £79,000. Additional cash compensation equates to around £5,373 and such cash compensation includes cash bonus, commission, tips and profit sharing. Cash compensation ranges from £1,423 to £20,283.



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