Data Science Jobs

Data Science Jobs:

Data science is the sexiest job.

From a quick Google search, it was way back in 2012 that Data Science was first coined as the sexiest job in the 21st Century. The demand for Data Scientists quickly raced ahead of the supply making it into a incredibly sought after skill as companies looked to find somebody who was part analyst, part hacker, part storyteller and part advisor.

An example of a data scientist job advertised in the UK.

The growth in smart technology of big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon and the rise of new digital services such as Netflix and Spotify, Data Science jobs began to boom as businesses could see the power of machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence. The role of a Data Scientist has gone far beyond the traditional coding which is stereotypically synonymous with data.

Businesses see these technologies deployed by Data Scientists as a “sexy” way to create an amazing customer experience, increase profitability or improve efficiency, making it into the almost pedestalled position that it is today. However, why is a career in Data Science sexy for the aspiring Data Scientist?

Firstly, the outputs that Data Scientists produce are designed to directly help people. Pretty much everything about artificially intelligent solutions has the end user in mind, making the world easier and simpler for them. Whether it be Amazon Alexa, automated customer service, telematics on your motor vehicle or Netflix recommending a TV show, ultimately, they all share that one central goal. This is a great motivator for the Data Scientist.

Data Science is more than just coding and algorithms. There are so many different facets to a Data Science team giving an amazing amount of scope to develop a career. A fully rounded team might consist of a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Modeller, Data Analyst or even one of the newer positions like Data Artist and Data Evangelist. With all of this in mind, personal growth is almost infinite at a time where Big Data is changing by the day.

Data Science

Beyond there being several different roles, Data Science is now becoming prevalent in virtually every industry. In general terms, if somebody works in financial services or healthcare, they will always stay in that industry because it is what they know.

Below is an interesting article from future learn with regards to data science insights:

Data is a very different field and the skills from one role can more easily be translated to another, a Data Scientist just needs to be presented with data and a problem to solve; they don’t necessarily need to know everything about a specific field. The McKinsey Global Institute has estimated that the US has shortfall of almost 200,000 Data Scientists meaning there is a huge employment opportunity.

One of my favourite aspects of data science work is being able to tell a story from data. It’s not about just presenting number like a management information team might have done 10 years ago but showing insight, behaviour and analysis. The data will tell us we sold 20 pairs of shoes yesterday, but data science will tell us why we sold them yesterday and the results of getting this right are very exciting and rewarding.

So, why is Data Science still the sexiest job of the 21st Century? What isn’t sexy about an exciting and rewarding role that has a huge amount of opportunity for development whilst being held in incredibly high esteem by business leaders? For now, I can only foresee growth in Data Science and it is the perfect time to start developing a career in the field.

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